We've all tried to start over at some point in our lives. It’s natural to want to start over.

Our spirit is much like a lotus. For those of you who don’t know how the lotus comes to bloom, it’s a beautiful story. Through the dark mud, the lotus rises until it sits on the water where it basks in the sun. I don’t know about you but I don’t like feeling like being in the mud. I prefer to shine. We all deserve the chance to shine. We all deserve the chance to reset. A chance to start over. When our thoughts begin to spin, our emotions dance in ways we cannot understand. If we don’t gain some sense of balance, it’s hard to leave the mud of our past feelings and future fears.

When I launched Elderflower Farmacy in 2016, my goal was to extend a tool (in the form of a candle) that would help bring light to everyone: people buy candles that help them meditate and we use the money gained (after we pay company expenses) to support charities that are focused on breaking the cycle of poverty.

After making many candles and gaining lots of attention by local and national media, we were approached by Whole Foods (one of the largest retailers in America) and were offered a chance to submit our product. While this may sound exciting, it’s also incredibly stressful because it would have changed the way we created the candles and our numbers would have shifted. There have been many companies who resort to cheaper ingredients to offset the cost of production and fulfillment. I didn’t want Elderflower Farmacy to be one of those companies.

Confused, we listened to our customers and quickly realized that our humble little Farmacy was more than wax and kindness. What started out as a small project turned out to become an electric current for hearts needing to restart. Instead of mass producing candles and taking on the stresses most business owners face, my team and I discussed the vision for Elderflower Farmacy and decided to slow down, which is why we haven’t been active on social. Most businesses rush to scale but we love what we do and what we stand for so much that we couldn’t rush. As a candle maker, burning out was not acceptable. It’s the antithesis to our ethos.

To recharge and gain clarity, I took a four month trip back home to India to disconnect from technology and participate in the lives of young children in the slums of various regions. When I did, I came back to my sense of purpose. The goal of Elderflower Farmacy was never to make a lot of money and become a giant company that boasts its growth. The goal was to make an impact in the lives of customers and charities with every interaction. I have always seen Elderflower Farmacy as Mother Nature herself. Kind. Understanding. A voice for those without one. However, the reality of owning a business often crushes the dreams of a philanthropist so I did what I do best.

I meditated for long periods of time and I ate A LOT of good food.

In fact, I spent a lot of my savings to fund local chefs who graciously fed orphans. I’ll definitely post the photos to social very soon.

While in the most ancient parts of India, I visited spiritual masters and let them help me find clarity. I surrendered to them. Instead of being a leader or a business man or a teacher, I became a student again. When I did, I realized that a major key to life is maintaining a student mentality.

After countless hours of meditation, I began laughing and felt bliss I hadn’t felt in a long time.

How could I have become so consumed by my thoughts?

Instead of beating myself up, I smiled and set some boundaries with my mind. Since then, all has been well and I’ve used what I’ve learned from my teachers in India to maintain harmony.

As my business partner (Ethan) and I discussed the vision for Elderflower, we started to look at our product development. We didn’t make any announcements but we’ve working on another product (not candles) to burn in the home that changes the entire energy from blah to…well…divine.

But I didn’t want people to think we just make goods.

Other than being able to support charities, the best part about owning this company is seeing how the candles help bring a sense of purpose and joy to those who use our candles to meditate. When I created the meditation mantras (little tag on the side) with our incredibly talented creative director Leah Quinn, I had no idea people would actually use them. The response from our customers was overwhelmingly amazing. People actually read the mantras as a reminder to slow down and not burn out. The Peace candle teaches self-love. The gratitude candles teaches humility. The Rise candles teaches resilience and so on. Every candle was well received and the feedback melted my heart.

Since I have returned from India with more knowledge, I have been helping those around me meditate with and without candles. Some of the sessions have been held in-person while others were on the phone. I loved the phone sessions. My friends would fall asleep while I was on the other line and message me the next morning feeling incredibly guilty. I’d laugh and tell them that falling asleep is a sign of progress because so many of my friends are overworked. A few of those friends told me that I need to own my own yoga studio and teach meditation. I laughed and told them that owning a storefront where I can meet people and transform their energies for the better is my dream. However, I am nowhere near close to having the funds to opening a physical location. However, I began to wonder.

Would be people be interested in meditation sessions?

When I was in India, the spiritual masters would customized tailored meditation plans to each of their students. I learned and began helping other students at the Ashram I lodged in. I really loved this because it reminded me that it is important to treat everyone with the respect and attention they deserve. I loved the experience of being an active spirit guide so much that I told myself that I had to find a way to deliver the powerful ancient meditation knowledge to people in America.

With that in mind and with endless love in my soul, I am beyond honored to introduce to you the evolution of Elderflower Farmacy. We are officially offer more than meditation candles. In the spirit of collaboration and growth, we now offer personalized meditation sessions and group meditation sessions for increasing empathy. With all of the technology at our fingers tips, there is no excuse for me to sit around and wait for a physical yoga studio to appear.

My goal in life is to help the people on this planet experience the best version of their existence as possible and that journey begins with becoming more present. People often live in their thoughts. Whether it is the past or the future, they seldom enjoy what is in front of them. My goal is to help everyone free their mind, minimize their stress and maximize their joy regardless of where they are in life.

If you’re interested in learning how to meditate, head over to our newly designed website and visit the Learn Meditation tab to discover the benefits of meditation and how you can begin from the comfort of your own bed.

That’s right. You don’t have to go anywhere.

All you need is a smart phone or computer, a glass of water and preferably headphones.

If you’re really itching to melt the stress away, grab one of our candles and let the sweet aromas of nature guide you as our team helps you leave your past and future behind.

With Light,

Unique Michael

Chief Energy Officer of Elderflower Farmacy

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