5 Ways To Regain Peace In Your Life


There is never enough time to practice self-care yet it is absolutely imperative to check in with ourselves to see if we’re moving based on chaotic energies or from a place of stillness. To help you regain peace, we’ve put together our top five ways to ground and balance yourself.


1. Temporarily Disconnect From Social Media

No. We're not #Kidding by any means. Throughout the election, it’s become first-nature to become fixated on our phones, computers, and televisions. Any news. All of the drama. The agreeable and not so agreeable posts our friends and family share. It’s all lead to elevations in anxiety and angst. While the election may be over, the conversations are not. Uninstall social media apps from your phone and take 24 hours to steer clear from tweets, snaps, and any form of digital linkage to the election. Yes, it’s scary to feel disconnected but you’ll feel so much better once you’ve connected with yourself again.



2. Release Some Endorphins

Now that you’ve successfully disconnected yourself from social media, (You have done this…right?) it’s time to help balance those elevated cortisol levels with some well-deserved endorphins. Go for a run. Take a yoga class. Immerse yourself in a warm bubble bath. Light a candle and meditate. Subscribe to our unlimited guided meditation service for $8 a month if it is challenging to meditate on your own. Whatever you do, make sure it releases endorphins.


3. Reflect On Positive Thoughts

Releasing endorphins is one part of the holistic healing cycle. The next step is to focus on harmonizing your mind with your body. We recommend reflecting on happy moments. Whether it’s your wedding day or the idea of seeing a friend who lives far away, find a positive memory and mediate on it.



4. Do Something You Love

When you’ve balanced your mind and body, feed your soul by doing something you love. Whether it’s exploring new restaurants or binge watching shows on Netflix, take some time to enjoy one thing that really makes you happy.


5. Prepare For The Holidays  

When you follow steps 1 - 4, you’ll have a better chance of braving the busy malls and successfully making sure your pets don’t destroy perfectly wrapped presents. There are numerous ways you can prepare for the holidays. From planning a festive party to selecting the perfect ethically sourced gifts for friends and family, focus your new found mojo on making this season the happiest one ever.