Peace Candle

Peace Candle


Cultivate peace within yourself and your surroundings with uplifting and calming notes of grapefruit, neroli, and vanilla made from the finest natural oils and absolutes. Peace's warm and comforting scent was inspired by the sight and scent of bees swirling through fields of grapefruit trees.

We've partnered with DoPeace to ensure 1 candle sale sends 1 child in the slums of Bangladesh to school. 

100% soy wax and beeswax blend, paraffin and lead Free, fine essential oils and fragrance, cotton wick, free of dyes.

Hand-poured in Austin, TX  |  4 oz.

Ships December 1st 2017

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Each candle includes a “meditation mantra” that reminds you to take a moment to reconnect with your spirit and cultivate peace into your surroundings.

Product ships within 3-5 business days after order is received.