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“I used to work at a call center as one of the top employees. I love helping people and I wanted to work in an environment that would let me do that.

I love being a Spirit Guide at Elderflower Farmacy because I have been able to help so many people see what is on their emotional plate and vent if they need to get something off their chest before meditation”


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“I grew up between India and America, which basically means half of my life was focused on learning yoga and meditation from spiritual masters while the other half was learning how to breathe in fast paced environments that allow little room to breathe.

I started Elderflower Farmacy because I am committed to helping people let go of stress and make room for joy.”

- Unique

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“We need more integration and less division. We are in a very exciting time for rejuvenation and spiritual wellness. I’m so excited to be a Spirit Guide at Elderflower Farmacy because I get to support new people everyday with my background in meditation, yoga and Chinese medicine.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to grow with a company that has such a holistic message.”

- Diana