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Our story doesn't belong solely to us. It's also the story of millions of people from around the world who have experienced darkness in the form of domestic violence and poverty. We're a small but strong Farmacy on a mission to raise awareness on global social issues while sharing good vibes and light through our creations. We’ve combined our love for ancient herbal traditions and modern-day science and design to create and share fresh, handmade, holistic products with natural preservatives, using the finest ingredients nature has to offer for a mindful experience. Our mission is to enable human potential by cultivating community and inspiring hope with light.
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Helping people and growing communities everywhere is pivotal to our company’s spiritual mission. We believe wisdom is earned and not owed and that one of the best ways for people to grow is by actively participating in philanthropy and reflection within the community.

In 2016, Elderflower launched its first website and production facility in Austin, Texas. Within one month of launching, we helped remove over 200 children working in Sweatshops in Bangladesh and put them into school.


Beautiful Ingredients


Before the rise of commercial products, our ancestors relied on nature to provide remedies. From itchy scalps to burns, our ancestors were masters of homeopathic medicine.

What we craft is inspired by these ancient ethnobotanical traditions. The term “Ethno” refers to people, culture, knowledge, and practice. We blend these sacred practices with modern day chemistry and botany to create beautiful experiences.

Unique, a co-founder and our Director of Ethnobotany, spent his childhood learning herbal medicine from a medicine woman who provided free naturopathic remedies to families residing in slum areas. He later studied social and physical sciences at The University of Central Florida where he studied genetics, organic chemistry, and biology. Our strong human-plant relationship, passion for science and love of people is what keeps our customers woven into nature. 

Every product we create is carefully compounded with ethically sourced fresh ingredients and the finest absolutes, fragrance, and essential oils for a mindful experience. We are also conscious of and committed to using recycled and sustainable packaging to contribute a low carbon footprint.



the pursuit of peace


We are committed to creating peace locally and globally by supporting non-profits that seek to break the cycle of abuse and poverty. Our mission is to develop helpful products and use the sales and profits of our company to support SAFE Alliance of Austin, Texas and in Bangladesh.


We've partnered with to support their mission and philanthropy efforts of taking children in slums and sweatshops in Bangladesh and putting them in school. We’ve developed a custom line of products that benefit and support Do Peace and their mission. Using a proven model, Do Peace has put more than 10,000 children in schools from the slums and sweatshops of Bangladesh.

We share a similar philosophy to DoPeace. We believe education is a key element to break the cycle of poverty and raise the standard of living.  With your support, we can help all children realize their full potential. was founded by Dr. Shahid Ahmed to provide education to children in the slums around the world. Dr. Ahmed grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and has first hand knowledge of the acute problems in the slums, particularly the abject poverty and lack of resources for children’s education.

"Beautiful small children need to be in schools, and not on the streets. Slum dwellers are caught up in a cycle of poverty, for decades. Times have changed, and the world has more resources, ingenuity, and technology to make changes. It is upon us to educate these children and level the playing field rigged against them. We have an opportunity for advocacy for the children in the slums of the world."

- Shahid Ahmed   Founder of DoPeace


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heal local

We’ve partnered with SAFE Alliance of Central Texas to support women, men, and children impacted by violence and abuse. The SAFE Alliance (SAFE) is a partnership between Austin Children’s Shelter (ACS) and SafePlace. SafePlace operates physical campuses that provide emergency intervention services, as well as shelter, food, and wellness programs to promote healing.

Elderflower Farmacy will continue to support SAFE’s vision to create a just and safe community free from violence and abuse. We’ve developed a custom line of products that support SAFE’s operating budget.  


Issues & Remedies



When children receive basic life and literacy skills through primary education, they have the opportunity to learn and strive for greater opportunities to better their own lives and of those in their community. 


Basic Necessities

Providing children and their families with daily essentials such as soap, clean drinking water, medicine, and nutritious meals promote health and the ability to fight infections and diseases.



Every child and family should have the opportunity to visit a medical professional within their community to prevent illness and promote a long healthy life.


Unique Michael
CO-FOUNDER + Director of Brand Strategy

Unique was born and primarily raised in Mumbai, India where he grew up in a lower-middle class 700 square foot one-bedroom apartment with nine family members. He was exposed to similar problems families in the slum face: inability to go to school due to high costs, afford western medical treatments, and acquire adequate nutrition. When Unique wasn’t able to go to school, he assisted a local medicine woman who traveled from the jungles to the city in search of herbs and ingredients to craft medicinal remedies for sick slum dwellers. This experience allowed him to develop a mastery of ethnobotanical medicine and connect with the people of the slums where he witnessed first-hand what it was like to not have a place to live, clean water to drink, and how defenseless one can be to common illnesses and child trafficking.

Since moving to the United States, he studied chemistry and marketing at the University of Central Florida. Unique leverages his background in chemistry and years of ethnobotanical wisdom to make ayurvedic solutions for friends and family such as soothing lotions for burns, candles that promote peaceful sleep, and more. Unique compounds all of Elderflower Farmacy’s products and partners with both the community and nonprofits to tell the stories of those in poverty.

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Ethan Moretz
CFO + Director of sustainability

Ethan Moretz has always strived to give back to the community and raise awareness for charities. He completed his education in accounting and international studies at the University of California San Diego where he worked as an immigration awareness volunteer for Border Angels, an NGO focusing on assisting the local community’s most venerable individuals.

As the CFO of Elderflower Farmacy, he aims to build a socially conscious brand that educates local consumers on humanitarian crises around the world, while providing premium products to consumers and businesses.

Ethan not only oversees the financial and business strategy for Elderflower Farmacy but he also works closely with the NGOs Elderflower Farmacy supports to gauge partnership growth and opportunities to improve our giving footprint. 



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