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unlimited human to human guided meditation for $8 per month

Elderflower Farmacy is a nationally recognized online meditation studio. Our family of Spirit Guides help peace seekers like you banish negative energy and cultivate positive energy through human to human guided meditation from the comfort of your home.

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be kinder to yourself


Release stressful energy

Do you have a lot on your mind? Meditation can help. We teach the art of stillness through human to human experiences that transcend videos and apps. Our Spirit Guides partner with you to release stress by softening the mind.


feel more grounded

10 minute guided meditations are designed to help you flow from fast to slow. Elderflower Farmacy’s scheduler helps you get a session on the calendar with your favorite Spirit Guide whenever you need support finding your stillness.


move towards peace

We set out to make guided meditation affordable for everyone. At $8 a month, we are committed to helping you worry less and enjoy more with unlimited 10 minute guided meditation sessions and complimentary e-mail support.


featured story

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“When I was invited to join the beta testing, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first session was amazing. I literally vented for a few minutes and after getting everything off my chest, I began my meditation with the guidance of a really nice person. I felt like I was with a friend I hadn’t met before. The amount of support you get it absolutely incredible. My stress levels are going down for sure. After a few sessions and e-mails with my Spirit Guide, I cannot believe this service is only $8”

- sam


start today + cancel anytime

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After signing up for our $8 Unlimited Monthly Spirit Support you will be matched with a Spirit Guide within 1 - 2 business days. Your Spirit Guide will partner closely with you to discover your goals and stresses during a digital orientation. After your first conversation, your appointed Spirit Guide will regularly hold 10 minute guided meditation sessions with you to determine where you are in your mindfulness journey. With the right blend of technology solutions, we make scheduling time and engaging with your personal Spirit Guide as effortless as possible.

Unlimited E-mail Spirit Support is included if you prefer to chat by e-mail <3

Monthly Spirit Support
8.00 every month

Start your mindfulness journey with the constant support of a Spirit Guide. After subscribing, a guide will reach out to assess your goals and schedule several human to human guided meditation sessions. This subscription includes daily e-mail spirit support which may take up to two business days at the latest.




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We are committed to helping everyone stress less and grow more.

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