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Elderflower Farmacy blends science, spirit, and ancient botanical traditions to create handmade holistic home, bath, and beauty luxuries that transform lives while helping victims of abuse and poverty around the world.


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We’re fueled by the pursuit of peace and fighting for human rights. Our humble roots drive us everyday to solve problems we see and don’t see. From domestic abuse in our local community to sweatshops in third world countries, we believe in educating our customers about these issues and developing ethical solutions with our products and media channels.

We are passionate about using learning and believe wisdom is earned and not owned and that giving back is the best way to grow personally and as a community.

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Who Are The Rohingya? 

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Thousands have been killed ...

For years, Myanmar officials in Burma have discriminated against Rohingya people and have left them living with limited access to schools, healthcare and jobs. After protests by the Rohingya for equality, the Myanmar armed forces responded with violence. After months of tension, the armed forces carried out further assaults upon Rohingya men, women and children across Myanmar. Media and the Rohingya themselves have reported the Myanmar government responsible for the rape and murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. 

In 2017 alone, more than 600,000 people have fled the violence, bringing the total number of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh to around 900,000.

The migration alone is a five day journey by foot or boat. Those who have made safe passage to Bangladesh are currently injured, malnourished and traumatized. We've partnered with NGO DoPeace to help provide clean drinking water, cooked food, other basic human essentials and education resources. 

With every candle purchased, you provide light and resources to Rohingyan refugees. 



Several Rohingyan refugees have sent the Elderflower Farmacy team their stories in the form of hand-written letters. They have asked us to help raise awareness to help stop the mass genocide that is currently happening in Myanmar. We are committed to sharing their stories and have included a copy of a letter within each Gratitude candle box. 

To spread awareness, please post a photo of your candle and letter on social media with the hashtag #LettersFromRohingya #ElderflowerFarmacy

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We hand-make holistic bath, beauty, and home luxuries and are committed to the pursuit of peace by growing local and global communities. 







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